Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Jay Rosen and the Ethics of the Web.

Came across this Video on YouTube when searching for Videos featuring Jay Rosen.
Pay close attention to what he has to say about "Ethic of the Web" and "Newspaper Websites".
Both TheHindu and The New York Times do not publish comments that contain links that are outside their respective domains. 

Although his blog has not been updated in 8 months, I have added Rosen to my Blog Roll. His insight into media is a must read for any media watcher. It's not easy to read, it takes some time to get your head around the content, but once you do, you normally have a Eureka moment. Another lens through which to look at the Indian Media!


  1. Is there a government run blog host? That will be the ideal place to exchange socialist ideas, isn't it? A free one run by Americans - Google or Yahoo or Microsoft - it is so not Marxist.

  2. @Marx Bhakt
    When you come across one let me know.
    BTW - Isn't Google like the Virtual Government controlling the dissemination of almost everything out there on the net?
    Maybe I am blogging on a Public Sector website.