Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Final Solution

One of my Favorite Blogs – The Idea of India, had a documentary embedded in this post. I am embedding the documentary "Final Solution" at the end of this post. It is a well known documentary about Godhra and it's aftermath. This was the first chance that I had to see it and it lived up to it's reputation. I am not surprised that the censor board (at the time) wanted it canned.

The last 30 minutes had me scared. I am sure that it will scare you too (unless of course you are a religious fundamentalist, in which case you will be salivating at the prospect of more death and violence)

Allow me to leave you with a poem that appears at the end of the documentary
Mandir bhi le lo
Masjid bhi le lo
Magar tum hamare
Lahoo se na khelo
mandir se gar jo
khuda hai nadardad
aur masjidion mein
nahin hai jo ishwar
to phir aadmi ke liye dharm kya hai
jahan aadmi ke liye uthne hain khanjar
khuda ko bhi le lo
ishwar ko bhi le lo
tum ram le lo
babar bhi le lo

Build your temple, have your mosque
But don’t play with our blood for it

If a muslim god has no space in your temple
If the Hindu God doesn’t reside in your mosque
Then why have a religion that preaches murder

You can have all our Gods
But don’t play with our blood for it

You can have Ram and Babar
But don’t play with our blood for it

Final Solution - the complete documentary

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