Saturday, 27 June 2009

Everybody Loves a Good War

Thanks to, I came across this report on bombings in Pakistan and the death of over 80 civilians. These civilians were attending the funeral of civilian victims of another US drone attack. If you cannot see the "cycle of violence" - you are either really stupid or the American Government.

The US is deploying it’s fool-proof war sustenance strategy. This strategy, as we have seen in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine involves using immense air power (drones, helicopters guns, and fighter planes) to bomb civilians. The moment you massacre dozens of civilians, a few people are bound to loathe you. That loathing and hatred can in-turn be used as a “just cause” and the war can continue its virtuous cycle of profit for the Halliburton’s of the world and vicious cycle of death and violence for the citizens of Asia.

I love the “Change” and “Yes We Can” approach that Obama has brought to killing civilians in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan. They do not in troops any more. They just bomb them from the sky and from un-manned planes. This strategy means Obama need not talk about war as much, because Americans do not get killed as much.

Someday in the not too distant future the Pakistan government will increase taxes. The taxes will be used to repay loans taken from the IMF, World Bank and the US government. The Pakistan Government will use the money from these loans to pay American contractors to build infrastructure (roads, hospitals and schools). This infrastructure will need to be rebuilt because it will be first destroyed by the might of the US army. But, these taxes will not be enough. In addition to the taxes US contractors will be allowed to charge locals for the use of water, air and soil.

God Bless American Business! How many more children have to die for the blessing to be complete?

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  1. Sad that the poorest of the poor, the children and the women are most at the receiving end of war. The world is tuned to seeing everything from America's perspective... good job which has only got better with the Obama charisma.