Sunday, 28 June 2009


No matter how much I read about Palestine, I always find out something new. Every time I think the atrocities have reached a new low, I find out that the occupying army in Gaza can do worse. Unfortunately, it has started to resemble a holocaust.

Some facts that I picked up today

  • The largest fleet of F-16 jets outside the US is in Israel
  • Over 1500 children have been killed in the conflict (this includes 300 plus on the Isreali side)
  • Isreal controls all the water in the region
  • It could take several hours to cross from one Palestinian village to another because of border check posts controlled by heavily armed Israeli conscripts
  • There are several roads that run over some of the oldest agricultural lands in the world that can only be used by Israelis
  • Palestinian towns are controlled by a handful of Israeli settlers with military grade weapons.
  • 1/3rd of all US aid US aid reaches Israel. Israel has received as much Aid from the US as the rest of the world combined.
  • Zionist lobbyists spent over 46 million dollars in the US of A lobbying with politicians.

The most moving piece that I saw today was a video of a 5 year-old palestinian girl challenging a journalist to live in her shoes for two days and not break down.

As usual when you have a gigantic humanitarian crises soaked in blood, the US of A has it’s hands stained with the most blood. In this case they are responsible for all the weapons, a massive cover-up in the global media and for blocking every single attempt for peace in exchange for election funding.

On a more optimistic note there are many Israelis who believe that the occupation is illegal, unwarranted and unfair to the people who’s land they live on. Unfortunately there are very few Americans that share that view. Oppression after all is their religion.

If the people of Asia can focus their efforts on solving this conflict peacefully and firmly evict the Americans from the Middle East – we will have a strong chance for global peace. We would have solved the global problem of dealing with the world’s biggest bully.

For those of us of us who do not have the patience to read the reams and reams of neutral coverage of the crisis on the web I would suggest a documentary called "Occupation 101"
There are plenty of You Tube videos of Chomsky and Democracy Now as well that provide a more balanced coverage of the Palestinian story.


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