Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Beat it MJ!

  • Why do I, as an Indian citizen have to be a victim of American Voyeurism?
  • I find it repulsive that all Indian news channels should carry a live feed of his funeral procession and memorial concert.
  • The event was not worthy of the attention it received and did not it merit the coverage that it got on Indian channels.
  • MJ had little or no impact on the lives of a majority of people in this nation
  • The coverage allowed the "pro-rich" Indian budget to be brushed under the carpet and critical issues that the budget raised were forgotten to make way for an American recluse that represented the worst possible problems with the malady of consumption. This problem was glorified and we were being sold the idea that he was the greatest artist ever.
  • If American want to mourn him, that is their democratic right. I do not want to mourn him and I do not think that the people of India should be forced to feel a sense of loss. I find him nothing more than a piece of cheap entertainment. The media would want us to believe otherwise.
  • MJ himself would have been distressed at how his death being used for profiteering.

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