Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Agricultural Imperialism

When a country is being bombed by drones it presents a unique opportunity for capitalist imperialists to alienate people from their land. Land is the one asset that can prevent a person from falling prey to religious and capitalist fundamentalism. Take that away and you have a surefire recipe for profiteering.

In the background of drone bombings by the US, there are reports in the Pakistani media of the government giving away land for commercial farming. According to the report, irrespective of the sate of food security in Pakistan, these commercial farms can repatriate their produce (send it out of the country and into the hands of the new owners of the land).
  • If somebody needed a formula to create terrorists, this one seems to be close to perfect.
  • Bomb them with drones from above, pull the land from under their feet and deny them food when they are starving.
  • I am sure the Indian right-brigade is taking notes and wondering how they missed this trick of alienating people from their own land (thereby enslaving them).
This does have a similarity with the SEZ issue.

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