Monday, 14 September 2009

Explain this to me like I am six year old

  • If you can-not allow an athlete found guilty of drug abuse to compete in a sporting event, how can you allow a sporting event to be managed by a known drug felon? (I am referring to Lalit Modi and his brush with the law in the US as a student)
  • How can an environmental activist in their right mind ask for the involvement of the TATA’s in anything? (I got shouted out of a DL for critiquing the TATAs). That's like a Brahmin priest asking for Beef!
  • Why have the English news channels in India not yet been hounded by the public for a) horrendous reporting b) selective story telling c) astroturfing and d) manufacturing consent
  • It is mandatory to place a label of ingredients on manufactured food. Why is it not mandatory to publish a list of advertisers on manufactured news?
  • Why do intelligent people use “I AM THE VICTIM HERE” whenever you talk of poverty being brushed under the carpet by the media.

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