Saturday, 12 September 2009

Does size really matter?

When it comes to a nuclear phallus, does size really matter? Questions around an arms build up in the subcontinent is raising it's ugly head again.

At the risk of being called sexist, I would like to state on record that when it comes to nuclear armament, size does not matter - neither is it a deterrent. It is nothing but a guarantee for madness or Mutually Assured Destruction (I lifted that acronym from a really bad Hollywood flick).

There seems to be a growing number of right-wing twits and bloggers on the Internet that keep discussing the quality and quantum of the nuclear arsenal in India and Pakistan. Their posts and tweets almost always have a call for war.

While I appreciate their cynicism of peace initiatives, I would like to blame the media on all sides of all borders for fear-mongering and egging folks to demand for crazy things like "retaliation" and "destruction". These twits on the internet find their stories from the media.

If and (not when) we embark on our next war with our neighbors, I will like to put the blame on two parties who are well represented on both sides of the borders. Politicians (who are fed like stall pigs by disaster capitalists) and the media (who are paid to disseminate fear by disaster capitalists).

Trivia - name a peace expert that you have seen on NDTV, TimesNOW or CNNIBN (remember peace expert and not "strategic expert", "defence expert" or "intelligence expert").

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