Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Declare Advertisers

  • It is becoming increasingly obvious that the media is willing to sell more than just advertising space. e.g. Anil Ambani
  • The print media was completely sold-out (pun intended) during the elections. (TheHoot, as usual, was the only one to openly talk about it) The CEC has washed his hands of the whole affair and wants to newspapers to own up.
  • The Media wants to regulate themselves. But it seems there is just way too nuch money doing the rounds for it to be a reasonable expectation.
I think it is time for the media to start publishing on monthly, quarterly and annual basis its top sources of revenue and high level detail around these sources. I think it is relevant for the public to understand who are the advertisers, who are the people who by column space and air time, and how much money is made from pimping vis-a-vis journalistic pursuits.

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