Thursday, 29 October 2009

BJP - Going Downhill in Karnataka as well

It has barely been a few weeks since Karnataka was ravaged by a “10,000 year flood”. Rehabilitation and reconstruction operations should have been on in full swing under the supervision of the Chief Minister and his office. In true BJP fashion, the Chief Minister finds himself embroiled in a power struggle with a faction within his own party. Ministers are being courted by both sides and a deadline has been set for resolution. Only the BJP is capable of landing itself in such an ugly mess while completely ignoring the people who are suffering from the devastation of the floods. The indifference and lack of sensitivity on display to the urgency at hand is vulgar. The money that has been donated by many citizens towards relief work will probably now be diverted to trade donkeys within the party.

The state of affairs in the Karnataka unit of the BJP is testimony to the fact that the BJP deserved the humiliation in the Lok Sabha elections, the bruising in Maharashtra and the wipe out in Arunachal and Harayana.

There is a silver lining in this episode. If the BJP is unable to prevent a mutiny in Karnataka, it will be one step closer to self-destruction. Yipeee!

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