Thursday, 8 October 2009

Why is Chidambaram Waiting? Why "announce" a counter-offensive?

A military operation is typically strengthened if there is a surprise element. Our Home Minister has announced Operation Green Hunt well in advance and has been publicizing it with gory pictures in the Media. This "staging" period is serving a specific purpose -
  • Giving the media ample time to justify the military action. Intellectuals are being dismissed as romantics and activists are called "ant-national".
  • During the staging period, every act of the Naxals is put under the microscope by the media, further strengthening the call for military action. (Maoist violence has been a regular affair for about a year now. It is hitting the headlines with a vengeance only now.)
  • Naxals, now that they know what is happening, can dig their heels in and make sure that their arms are well stocked for the show-down. This will make it a very bloody affair.
If Chidambaram had done this 2 weeks ago - he might not have gotten the support that he will get today. This manipulation of public opinion is very worrying.

If Operation Greenhunt happens we will create an Iraq like situation (of chaotic civil war, death and destruction) or imitate what happened Post Operation Blue star in 1984. 

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