Friday, 9 October 2009

Stating the Obvious (and why Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize)

Barrack Obama managed to bag the Nobel prize for peace. As most parts of the world are still getting back on their chairs after rolling on the floor laughing, let us look at why he deserves the prize
  • His election campaign spent 730 Million Dollars!
  • He increased the number of troops in AfPak by a mere 21,000
  • He has committed to limit the number of Nuclear warheads on American soil to 1,500
  • The drone attacks that he ordered in the Swat valley have killed over 600 civilians
  • He put pressure on Palestinian representative not to peruse the Goldstone report at the UN
  • He feels IMF and World bank should have a greater role in the world economy
  • Refused to meet the Dalai Lama
  • As the commander and chief of the US army, he is the head of the largest military occupation force in the world. 
  • Except for his ability to read the word "peace" of a teleprompter, he has had very little to do with peace.
  • Obama condones torture according to Amnesty International.


  1. Sometimes in life you've got to be the pidgeon and sometimes the statue !

  2. Maybe it was a preemptive prize to prevent him from even thinking about attacking Iran or any other country during his term !