Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Checklist of things Condemned by the media

  • Condemn the Naxals (agree)
  • Condemn every single peaceful resistance movement taking place in 200 Indian districts.
  • Condemn the NGOs
  • Condemn the people who work in the NGOs
  • Condemn the activists
  • Condemn the people who read what the activists write
  • Condemn the non-violent alternatives
  • Condemn the people who come up with the alternatives
  • Condemn the poverty
  • Condemn the people who live in poverty
  • Condemn the intellectuals
  • Condemn the labour
  • Condemn the labour unions
  • Condemn the violence (agree)
  • Condemn the V schedule of the Indian constitution
  • Condemn the people who don’t condemn the violence
  • Condemn the people who don’t condemn the people who don’t condemn the violence
Note to the media:
  • Can you please condemn yourselves while you are condemning everything else?
  • Can you please condemn the mining companies that want to violate the Indian constitution?
  • Can you please move beyond condemning and talk about issues and not personalities?

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