Monday, 5 April 2010

Dear Ranbir - (for your Youngistan challenge) | #pepsithegame |

Dear Ranbir

My challenge to you is -

  • Get Pepsi Co, it subsidiaries and partners to stop extracting ground water in bottling plants anywhere in South Asia
  • Reference - | NDTV | Kerala: Cola giant Pepsi exploiting ground water? | Dated - Thursday March 18  2010, Raw Link :  
    Many folks have taken on this challenge and success has been difficult to find. I hope you enjoy the challenge!

    UPDATE: Link above seems to be disappear every once in a while.  Just in case link not working here is a .pdf version 

    UPDATE 2: It comes as no surprise that this entry to the #PepsiTheGame contest got rejected.  I don't blame Indiblogger, they have a business to run. I will however, still object to the beverage companies profiteering from our groundwater.

    UPDATE 3: Have written a post for @mohanbn's blog about Pepsi's Games.  Do read and comment. There is an interesting debate brewing.



    1. That is an awesome challenge! I too dare Mr Kapoor to take that challenge!

    2. Thanks Mohan.
      I hope I don't get sued for challenging him :-)

      Here is an addendum. If he succeeds, I will go down to Mumbai and buy him a glass of jal jeera pani. :-)


    3. It is a challenge, but not for Ranbir--it is for this non caring corrupt Govt which allows such acts to go on unchecked. Why cant there be a legislation?

    4. @BKChowla

      Agree with you partially. Legislation is needed.

      The only minor irritant in your suggestion around legislation is that large beverage companies might not abide by legislation. This is based on the fact that the court appointed Govt panel in Plachimada was not 'recognised' by a certain beverage company.

      My hope is that a handful of people will see this and question what beverage companies are doing.

    5. When will you have some plain simple regular ordinary fun in life?

    6. @gyanban
      What makes you think this is not fun?

    7. Kerala is in the good hands of Marxists. They will act promptly and prevent further exploitation of ground water. Sit back and relax.

    8. @MarxBhakt
      Welcome back. Long time no see.

      Agree, we can all sit back and relax as wee see the Poster boy for Crony Capitalism (the great Shashi Tharoor) take on the the marxists on behalf of the the Beverage companies.

      I guess some folks have a liberal dharma ;-). While they get to drink bottled water, the dear folks of plachimada can continue to live with high cancer rates. Those who talk about it can be labelled marxist and when convienient even a maobadi. Who cares if a few pople die so that a few liberals can get a bottled beverage.

      Long live Tharoor, Pepsi and all the fine things American - including violence and war.

      Back to my morning coffee and marxist news papers.