Friday, 9 April 2010

Discovered a CD Shop in Bangalore (for die hard Sufi and Qawali Fans)

If you are a die hard Qawali fan in Bangalore and are looking for a place to buy some music, head towards Dargah Hazrat Tawakkal Mastan on OTC road and near Chikpet.

  • As you approach the Dargah from Chikpet you will see HTM Cassette Centre a few meters before the Dargah.
  • The shop also serves a clinic for Unani Medicine - SO you might get a bit confused with the signboard.

The HTM Cassette Centre - Don't Get confused by the Sign Board

  • Inside you will get an interesting collection of Qawali/Sufi CDs - If you can be specific about what you are looking for - Aleem who manages the shop will be able pull out some gems from behind the shelf.
The Best ones are hidden in the back
  •  I picked up some amazing Aziz Mian and Fariduddin Ayaz and a some CDs of other performers who I had never heard of. 
  • I have uploaded a snippet from one of the three Aziz Mian CDs (see below) (Bhala Hua Kabira Bhala Hua)
  •  There are other shops along the lane. By the time Aleem Mia lined me up - I had no money left. Will be headed there again soon to figure out what the other shops have.

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