Sunday, 11 April 2010

Operation Sitting Duck and trying to move forward

  • Folks calling for war, are the least likely to be called to take up arms in the forests of Dandakaranya
  • The Indian Government and Maoists have one thing in common. They are both equally foolish. Only fools of the lowest order think that they can win a war (any war). 
  • Tribals and Jawans are sitting ducks in Operation Greenhunt. 
  • Nobody and I mean nobody is talking peace. Particularly in parliament. (If they are, they are not visible).
  • The Jawans killed were sacrificial lamb.Just like the people of Kalinganagar.
  • Why can folks not condemn violence on both sides without having to qualify, rationalize or justify violence?
  • If there is a revolt, only the government can be blamed. 
  • You take a jaw for tooth. Very mature. What next?
  • By asking for people who want a halt to green-hunt to be "locked-up", the media (like the maoists and the Home Minister) has completely lost the plot.

  • Government's Confidence Building Measures
    Complete and total moratorium on ALL mines
    • That are less than 5 years old
    • All future mining projects
  • Create a negotiation team
    • A group of 7-10 people
    • No present or past bureaucrats/para-military/maoists/high profile politicos
    • Should have corporate, tribal, academic and civil liberties representatives
    • Group mandated to bring both sides to the negotiation table by any means other than physical force.
    • Immiediate goals
      • Paramilitary forces remain in the red corridor, halt all engagement and retain their current strength
      • Maoists call an immediate and complete halt to all violence and cadre movements.
  • Start moves to create local tribal councils that
    • Has purview over all land acquisition and related compensation (no project of tribal land can happen without their explicit consent and participation)
    • Council should have a LARGE number of elected members from tribal communities
    • Decides on whether specific mines should be nationalized or localized or privatized
    • Need for constitutional provision and democratic mechanism to make this work.


  1. We are a bunch of fools that we are taking all this talk seriously.No one is interested in sorting out the matter. It is well known that there are members from ruling and opposition parties which are silent supporters of naxals.They are trying to reach their constituencies at the cost of lives of innocent people.

  2. @BK Chowla

    You are right. But people like you and mean need to keep harping on the need for peace and how we can still function with health disagreement.

    As kabir would say maan ka manka pher de